The Crisis will pass…Then what?

As the country begins to reopen, the biggest issue in dealerships at this time is not the economy or  COVID-19.  The real problem is a failure to execute.  

Balls get dropped, customer communications are missed, sales tools are seriously underutilized, priorities constantly change, reacting to the needs of the moment obscure long term goals, and resolutions to change this chaos never seems to get accomplished.  

It’s easy to understand what’s happening here.  We have an overload of messages, calls, and emails to wade through.  Communication and data sharing between the tools we use every day is almost nonexistent,  and coordination between employees is more difficult as dealerships become more and more compartmentalized. And as the need for collaboration increases, personal accountability becomes more diluted and unclear.  Employee engagement and teamwork is in decline. 

 A return to “Business as Usual” command and control will no longer work.  The long term solution is to develop new processes that both improve execution and simultaneously create a higher level of commitment from our staff members.

What are your thoughts?