Dealers……You supply the tools, but are your people using them?

Automotive software platforms become more powerful every day, but unfortunately, they also become more complicated.

Most dealerships don’t have the resources available to become highly proficient in these tools and the ROI never reaches full potential.

Quantity, Quality, and Consistency of usage are daily challenges that every Dealer faces…What do you do?

Trained Ninjas for Hire

We have a staff of “Trained Ninjas” who will do all of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to making calls, setting appointments and following up with your customers.

Performance Management

Our software and dealership experts will help you manage the processes, systems, reporting and people in your dealership so you can reach your maximum potential.

Training & Coaching

We can provide one time or ongoing training, coaching and independent reporting to support your CRM/CXM and data mining tools.

Why Choose Us?

No matter what tools you are using, we’re here for you. Whether you’re not getting the results you expected from your digital platforms and want to move the needle, or you just want to have independent third-party verification of the level of performance you are achieving, A Trained Ninja is waiting to serve you. Our staff is comprised of Ninjas who have centuries of combined experience working both in dealerships and with industry-leading vendors. We can bring a new perspective to the problems with customer contact platforms- Utilization, management and process.

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