Call Center

We understand the struggle of consistent usage

We know what it’s like to pay for a system that your staff is not committed to using.
You underwent installation and training, and your staff was fired up. Little by little they lose interest or become too busy with the day to day in the dealership, usage slips and you’re just too busy to stay on top of it.
It’s difficult and time-consuming to find a dedicated system user/admin and consistently keep them trained.

We know…

That’s why Trained Ninjas offers a highly trained team to make the calls for you.
We’ll take your database and turn it into a gold mine.
Our Ninjas stay up-to-date on all new releases and complete all-new training available to stay in the know. Your Ninja will mine your tool and utilize it to maximum potential, completing and logging your calls, setting appointments, while communicating all customer information to your management and sales team.

We may not be onsite, but your service drive is a prime location for sales conversion.

We’ll design a custom service penetration plan to fit your dealership’s needs. We can call and arrange the evaluation with the customer to jump-start the conversation and generate interest. After that, we’ll send a designated member of your team to greet them and start the process! It’s that simple.